Residence Le Pousset – Orelle (73)

The SNC “Les 2 Catalpas” is running a programme in Orelle in the Savoie department. This property merchant operation consists of dividing a chalet into 4 apartments. We would like to inform you that Le Pousset is carried by the SNC “Les 2 Catalpas” whose manager and partners are themselves partners of EuroRaiser. In order for there to be an alignment of interests between the lenders and the managers of EuroRaiser, the partners are personally (as natural persons) lenders to this project.

Synthesis and Location:

Orelle is located 2 hours from Lyon, the project will be built on a 1070 m² plot on which stands the chalet that will be rehabilitated.

The project is characterized by the construction of 4 housing units ranging from T2 to T5 in a chalet R+4. The total living area is about 350 m². The SNC “Les 2 Catalpas” aims for a total capacity of 36 beds.

Winter: In the heart of the Maurienne, Orelle is the gateway to the 3 Vallées, an exceptional area with 600 km of slopes accessible to all levels of skiers, with 85% of the slopes above 1800m, thus guaranteeing an optimal snow level.

From the mountain village of Orelle (880 m) discover the wide open spaces and the highest peak of the 3 Vallées (le Bouchet 3240 m).

For mountain lovers Orelle is the great ski destination in the sun!

Summer: Orelle is the meeting place for cyclists.

Within a radius of 90 km there are many passes made famous by the Tour de France, such as the Galibier, the Madeleine, the Croix de Fer, Iseran, the Glandon and Mont-Cenis, all located near the Maurienne, which today is considered the largest cycling area in the world.