1. Basic principle

A EuroRaiser investor who sponsors a new member who in turn invests in an online project on the EuroRaiser platform, receives a bonus paid into his payment account. It couldn’t be simpler!

2.  Conditions

  • The sponsor, as an individual, must be a member and have already invested in EuroRaiser.
  • When registering, the godchild must necessarily mention the email address of his sponsor in the box provided for this purpose in the registration questionnaire. This is the email address that the sponsor uses to connect to EuroRaiser. If the sponsorship comes from a partner site, then you must indicate the sponsorship code of the site.
  • The sponsoree’s registration must be validated (profile, email address, wallet).
  • The referral bonus is calculated when the referee makes his first investment in a EuroRaiser project.
  • Once a member has registered and validated, he cannot have the sponsor modified or add a sponsor.
  • Please note: The sponsorship system is limited in time and volume. EuroRaiser reserves the right to extend the duration and volume of this sponsorship offer. There are partner sites that can also sponsor their members. In this case, the sponsorship code is indicated on the partner site.
  • The sponsorship system is effective from 25 July 2018 to 1 September 2018. The total number of sponsorships is limited to the first 100 new investors sponsored. The sponsorship campaign is independent of other campaigns, for example welcome bonus campaigns.

3.  The amount of the referral bonus

  • from 100 to 199 € invested in a project, the amount of the referral bonus is 10 € ,
  • from 200 to 299 € invested in a project, the amount of the referral bonus is 20 € and,
  • for an investment of 300 € and more invested in a project, the amount of the referral bonus is 30 € .