EuroRaiser is committed to ensuring that all information passing through the site is completely secure.

256-bit SSL encrypted platform

You now see it in the address bar of your browser or when you open the site, notice the “s” after http in https://www.euroraiser.com. This means that all the information you give us, all the information you receive and all the information we transmit is encrypted.


Secure access

You must enter a password to login to your personal space. This ensures that you are the only one who can perform all transactions on your behalf (read your information, manage your wallet and invest).  We have signed a charter with Lemonway our payment provider and we do not store your banking information.

Secure 3D banking transaction

Your banking transactions are processed through our payment service provider LemonWay. The information that you enter during a credit card transaction goes through a secure 3D authentication service that ensures that you are actually the credit card holder for the transaction.

Your Money, Your Electronic Portfolio, LemonWay and BNP Paribas

Your money never goes through EuroRaiser’s accounts. Payment accounts or electronic wallets are managed by LemonWay but your money resides in a BNP Paribas hive-off account, so your money remains hived off until you decide to invest or lend.

The same is true if you are a Project Owner, the amount you have borrowed is transferred from the transit account to your LemonWay electronic account but actually resides in the hive-off account;

when you transfer money to your account it will always be LemonWay that appears on your bank statements;

EuroRaiser will fight money laundering and fraud by ensuring that its partners remain at the forefront of this fight. That is why we have chosen the LemonWay, BNP Paribas and ATOS consortium.

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