Investment in collaborative mode in real estate is gradually taking its place in the financing sector. It allows anyone wishing to invest in real estate to take part in it, by financing a major real estate project according to the level of their means. How do you know what type of project you could invest in? Here are some ideas to help you make your choice.

How  crowdfunding works ?

collaborative investment or crowdfunding consists in financing projects in different fields such as real estate and then receiving a return depending on the money you have invested. Through our platform, you can choose real estate projects rigorously selected by us.

Depending on your investment and the project, the average rate of return you can benefit from is between 5 and 12%. In order for a real estate project to benefit from participatory financing, our platform sets up several selection criteria in order to limit the risks for investors.

Once the real estate programme has been appraised, the project description is posted on the platform with all the information necessary for an investor to participate in the financing of the project. Investing in one of our projects promises you a high return.

How to choose in which type of project to invest?

It should be noted that in the real estate sector, financing, whether traditional or participatory, always involves a risk. It is therefore important not to neglect your choice on the type of project to invest. At Euroraiser, each project is analysed by experts in order to propose viable projects with a high return, but the risk is always present. In general, the risk differs according to the type of project, the financial tool used for financing.

Real estate investment thru crowdfunding offers two types of projects: professional and residential real estate, each with its own advantages.

To choose the right type of real estate project to fund, it is important to read the experts’ analyses. Indeed, it is necessary to decide whether the project is suitable for local demand with the proximity of car parks, schools and shops, whether the price per square metre provisioned in the forecast balance sheet is not outside the range observed in the sector, so that marketing is rapid, at least in line with the duration of the planned investment. As in any investment strategy, it is recommended to invest in different projects at the same time in order to dilute the overall risk of your portfolio.

Now you know how a real estate equity investment works and how to choose the type of project in which to invest. If you take care to choose your projects carefully, real estate equity financing becomes much more advantageous than traditional savings while keeping in mind its risky nature. Let yourself be tempted by our crowdfunding platform and benefit from an attractive return on your investment.

Discover the advantages of real estate crowdfunding to invest differently in stone. Crowdfunding generally promises a return of between 6 and 12%, so this type of real estate investment attracts investors who want to diversify but also “boost” their investments.

Moreover, unlike a real estate rental investment, you do not have to take care of the administrative procedures (sale or rental management), this part is taken care of by the operator.

At Euroraiser, you are guaranteed to benefit from the expert eye of a group of real estate professionals and to see the program succeed according to the schedule defined at the beginning.

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