Full Transparency and Simplicity: These are the basis of the EuroRaiser culture.

EuroRaiser seeks building long-term relationships with its members. A satisfied real estate developer, or a satisfied investor today is the best ambassador of EuroRaiser tomorrow.

EuroRaiser, driven by a rigorous risk management and measurement brings some wise advice to help you in your investment decision-taking process.

The selection committee brings together well-known figures with diverse but complementary expertise and background from  business such as real estate, property and land dealerships, finance consulting and building management expertise.

Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne


After having cofounded and managed his own architecture company, Laurent wished in 2002 to focus on individual property business. He then created another legal structure established in the Rhône Alpes region and the south of France to cover the large Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur area.

As a partner and investor in new real estate operation (promotion) and property renovation or merchant (‘marchand de biens’ operation), he set up another company that aims to develop property dealership activities, real estate consulting, from technical analysis to global real estate developer case analysis.

Laurent in the EuroRaiser committee measures the architectural, constructive and technical feasibility.

Laurent Faille


Laurent has created a set of companies in the real estate business. Armed with management skills acquired in a worldwide consulting firm and his own experience in the real estate business (family business), Laurent provides tools and innovative solutions in the key steps of real estate development phase.

The key success factor lay in the land acquisition, in an appropriate funding, in a proper integrated work schedule and in a fast-aggressive selling phase.

Inside the committee, Laurent leads to legal and financial parts of the cases submitted to EuroRaiser.

Nourredine Ouanezar

Promoter and Merchant - company owner - property trader

For the last two decades, Nourredine founded and managed real estate companies for both selling and managing large household buildings. He bought a construction company of which he doubled the bottom line. This company aimed to support the activities of the previous ones. In 2016, he founded another company aiming to provide development and property trade consulting, focusing in the area of project management and assistance (developer side: MOA or construction side: MOE).

The service coverage goes from technical analysis, including case analysis, technical feasibility, cost assessment, sale grid to the bottom line forecast associated to budget/cash flow control. Nourredine can also activate means of quality control (FFB, Qualibat, UNTEC, etc.).

Nourredine in the committee takes ownership of the developer schedule analysis (sales and construction forecast) and assess the financial planning of every case.

Christophe Caquineau

President - Investment advisor

Engineer and Ph.D in complex system control, Christophe has been in the consulting business for over three decades. Motivated by his passion for the real estate investment, the crowdfunding dimension further increases his appetite to make a career move and launch EuroRaiser.

With the wealth of certified expertise, Christophe brings the skills in Intermediation and Consulting in the crowdfunding and crowdlending business. Associated with the three other cofounders’ skills, EuroRaiser is in capacity to rapidly evaluate real estate development project risk, to provide personalized investment advice and manage the EuroRaiser site.

Christophe leads the expert committee.

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