1     Preamble

The English version of the “Condition générales d’Utilisation” is a result of an automatic translation. Wording conflicts and misunderstanding may occur between the two documents. In case of dispute, please note that the French version is the only document for legal reference.

EuroRaiser is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 50,000 euros whose registered office is located at 3 place Giovanni Da Verrazzano 69009 Lyon. EuroRaiser is registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 833 918 949 RCS LYON (hereinafter “EuroRaiser ”).

The Euroraiser.com Internet platform (hereinafter “ Site ”) is the exclusive property of EuroRaiser. The purpose of the Site is to put in contact, on the one hand, legal persons wishing to raise funds intended to finance their professional activity, and on the other hand, natural or legal persons wishing to lend their funds or to make an investment in the form of a loan remunerated by a Subscription in equity securities and/or bonds.

EuroRaiser has the Articles of Association of Participating Finance Intermediary and Participating Investment Advisor as defined in Order No. 2014-559 of 30 May 2014, and is registered with ORIAS under No. 18000209.

The purpose of this document is to present the general Term and Conditions of use (hereinafter “T&C”) of the EuroRaiser Website.

2     Interpretation

Unless expressly stated otherwise or the context requires a different meaning:

  • Capitalized terms have the meaning specified at the time of their definition
  • Words in the plural must include the singular and vice versa.
  • Any reference to a statutory, regulatory or any other type of legally binding provision shall be construed as a reference to that provision as amended from time to time or subject to further promulgation.
  • The reference to a document refers to that document as it may be amended, replaced by novation or supplemented.

3     Introduction to the T&C

The EuroRaiser platform is both a lending platform and an investment platform under the respective mandates of IFP (in French ‘Intermédiaire en Finance Participative’ that is Intermediary in Crowdlending) and CIP (in French ‘Conseiller in Investissement Participatif’ that is Consultant in Crowdfunding Investment).

3.1      IFP mandate and amortising loan

Article L. 548-2 – I of the Monetary and Financial Code (hereinafter ‘CMF’) defines IFPs as “persons who normally act as intermediaries within the meaning of Article L. 548-1 for lending transactions with or without interest.’

The EuroRaiser legal person uses its mandate as a Intermediary in Crowdlending to act as an intermediary between natural persons and legal persons wishing to borrow money in the form of credit. The financial tool in this case is the amortising loan. The loans referred to here are mentioned in Article L. 511-6, paragraph 7, of the CMF. These are loans under the crowdlending of specific projects granted by natural persons acting for non-professional or commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 548-1 and within the limit of one loan per project.

A brief reading of the preceding paragraph will show that legal persons cannot lend money within this regulatory framework.

A decree sets the main characteristics of these loans, in particular their maximum duration (7 years) and the maximum ticket (2000 €) if the loan is remunerated, for loans: the interest received is subject to tax and social contributions. The total amount borrowable is 1 Million Euro defined by decree (D548-1 of the CMF).

3.2     CIP mandate and financial securities

Article L. 321-1, paragraph 5, of the Monetary and Financial Code defines the CIP service as “the provision of personalised recommendations to a third party, either at its request or at the request of the firm providing the advice, concerning one or more transactions involving financial instruments’.

Within this regulatory framework of this mandate, the CIP may propose investments relating to offers of equity securities and debt securities defined by decree, carried out under the conditions set out in I bis or 2 of II of Article L. 411-2. Decree D 547.1 and the various amendments specify that these titles may be among others:

  • Shares to which voting rights are attached, at least in proportion to the percentage of capital they represent, subject to the provisions of Article 225-123 of the Commercial Code
  • Fixed-rate bonds and bonds convertible into shares (see CMF articles L 213-5 and following, decree D 213.1 and following.

3.3     Internet Users’ status on the Site

Individuals or legal entities accessing the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Internet users”) have different status granted according to the progressive access principles defined below.

An Internet user who has not accepted these T&Cs or who does not meet the criteria to be able to invest on the platform or who does not wish to invest via the platform has the status of a visitor (hereinafter “Visitor”).

Internet users who meet the criteria imposed by the registration process become members of the EuroRaiser Site (hereinafter referred to as “Members”). A Member may only invest or lend on the platform if he/she can open a payment account with our Payment Service Provider Lemon Way. The process of opening a payment account requires the transmission of copies of documents as explained in the page of the site dedicated to this purpose.

The registration process includes the collection of a certain amount of personal information from the Visitor through a form. Since EuroRaiser does not distinguish between lending and investing, Members who only wish to lend through amortizable loans must complete the entire form with the required care and accuracy.

If the Visitor chooses to register, he must provide adequate and necessary information so that EuroRaiser can exercise its profession as an adviser (CIP) according to the mandate conferred on it. All projects are subject to personalised advice through the issuance of an advice letter, with the exception of projects financed for a depreciable loan under the Intermediary’s mandate (IFP). If he chooses to lend, the Member becomes a lender (hereinafter referred to as “Lender”).

If the Member wishes to invest in projects that are financed on the basis of debt (bond) or equity (share) securities, the Member may refer to its advisory letter sent to it in order to take note of the advice provided to it by investment project. If he chooses to invest, he therefore becomes an investor (hereinafter “Investor”).

In the event that the Member does not receive letters of advice, EuroRaiser strongly advises to contact its services in order to contact an advisor.

4     Contract and Acceptance of the T&C

These T&C are a contract, concluded between the Members and EuroRaiser (hereinafter ‘The Parties’). This contract dictates the use of the Site and the services of the Site and sets out the rights and obligations of the Parties.

Visitors must adhere to the T&C in order to become Members. Any access to or use of the Site constitutes unreserved contractual acceptance of these TOU.

EuroRaiser may amend these T&C at any time. Immediately after they are put on line, the modifications of the T&C are opposable to the Visitors. However, the amendments do not have retroactive effect to previous transactions.

5     Convention on Evidence

The EuroRaiser Member acknowledges and accepts that writing on an electronic medium confers the same probative force as writing on a paper medium and that proof of the obligations subscribed to on the Site is recorded on any durable medium.

The Member undertakes to recognise as a durable medium, in particular: paper, USB sticks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, memory cards, computer hard disks, e-mails, as well as any other storage device (hereinafter ‘Durable Media’) making it possible to easily preserve and reproduce information for a period of time adapted to its use and identical reproduction.

Consequently, the Member expressly acknowledges and accepts that the Notes, Loan or Investment Contracts may be drawn up and kept on any Sustainable Medium.

The Member expressly acknowledges and accepts:

  • that all the information provided to EuroRaiser is accurate and valid proof of its identity,
  • by clicking on ‘Je certifies that it has read and expressly accepts the present General Terms and Conditions of Utilisation’, it concludes a binding contract with EuroRaiser,
  • that the recording of its navigation on the Site, and in particular its mouse clicks or other pointing device, as proof of the obligations subscribed via the Site,
  • that these recordings made by EuroRaiser have full probative value for him,
  • that any operation carried out, after having authenticated itself with its password on the Site, is deemed to be carried out by itself,
  • that, if he is an Investor, the validation of a Loan or Investment Offer via a’ click ‘and the entry of his password is equivalent to an electronic signature,
  • that any document signed in a dematerialised form via the Site or its partner UniverSign and/or within the framework of the Service constitutes proof of the content of the said document, the identity of the signatory and his consent to the obligations arising from the said signed document.

The Parties agree that the information, documents and supporting documents issued by EuroRaiser’s IT infrastructure are authentic between them.

6     Information and Services delivered on the Site

The Site allows Lenders or Investors to lend or invest online on the site www.Euroraiser.com in projects (hereinafter “Project”) presented by companies seeking funds (hereinafter “Companies”).

Project proposals are the subject of a transmission of information between the Company and the EuroRaiser selection committee (hereinafter “Committee ”). Project proposals then undergo a selection process at the end of which the Project may be refused or referenced on the Site.

EuroRaiser then offers the following services (“Services ”):

  1. Register the personal information of Internet Users wishing to join the platform as an Investor.
  2. Have the EuroRaiser mission letter (“Mission Letter”) signed by the Internet User who accepts the EuroRaiser mission and thereby validates the personal information provided in the previous step.
  3. Analyse and Validate the profile of the future Investor (This is done on the basis of the information provided in step 1 or may be the subject of an additional and more specific documentary request in order to perfect the analysis).
  4. In the case of the Investor, send by email, an advice letter (“Advice Letter”) containing personalised illustrated recommendations based on the Projects referenced on the Site.
  5. To allow the modification and updating of the personal, financial, patrimonial and matrimonial information of the Investor and the Lender.
  6. Send an email to Investors whose profile is appropriate to the nature of the investment proposed by a new project. These emails mention the risk factors and remind the user that he must update his profile if it has changed.
  7. To answer questions from investors wishing to deepen their understanding of the personalised advice provided by the Letters of Advice, through the communication channels indicated on the Site.
  8. Revalidate Investor profiles following an update or validate the addition or update of information of a Lender wishing to be promoted to the role of Investor. The advice provided by EuroRaiser is by nature based on the information provided by the Member when registering on the Site. This information can be updated in the user area. An update requires a new profile calculation and validation by EuroRaiser. A new personalised recommendation letter will be sent to the Investor by email.
  9. Provide traceability of recommendations. In order to ensure traceability and conservation, all e-mails and letters of recommendation are archived. EuroRaiser may return them at the Investor’s request or place them in its space.

The following services are aimed at Project Sponsors:

  1. Receive requests from Project Sponsor.
  2. Analyse the documents provided by the Project Sponsor.
  3. In case the EuroRaiser committee accepts the Project: Put the Projects online. In the event that the EuroRaiser committee refuses the Project: Destroy all documents provided in accordance with the confidentiality of the contractual terms of the application.
  4. To present the Companies carrying the Projects put on line,
  5. Present the Projects and their intrinsic and extrinsic properties,
  6. Provide regulatory disclosure documents (synthetic or not),
  7. Provide the Investor with the opportunity to invest in the Project through the Site.
  8. Define and organize the modalities of the financing operation of the Project according to the provisions relating to the participative financing of the French monetary and financial code,
  9. Define and organise the procedures for monitoring this financing operation and their management until they are completed and,
  10. Inform Investors on the progress of the work of the Project financed by the collection.

The content of the Site has an informative purpose of various levels of detail for the attention of Internet Users and Members and provides an advisory service for Investors.

The Companies financed, as well as the Members and Investors, are solely responsible for their respective transactions and operations. EuroRaiser provides a project scoring service based on the documents provided by the Project Sponsor.

EuroRaiser also provides an advisory service but the final decision rests with the Investors and can under no circumstances rely on EuroRaiser, as the platform and Site operator, to make their investment decisions.

EuroRaiser offers an intermediation and advisory service and does not provide payment services. These services are provided entirely by the Payment Service Provider ’LemonWay’. The latter executes the payment transactions related to the payment of funds collected to the Company and the corresponding repayments by crediting the payment accounts of Investors recorded in its books. The Site provides with the integration of LemonWay services to create, upload and manage their electronic wallet.

7     Risks in crowdfunding and crowdlending

In accordance with legal obligations, the information contained in this section is intended to help you and make you understand what an investment is via the EuroRaiser platform and the inherent risks associated with it.

EuroRaiser could not be more explicit in strongly advising you to read this section dedicated to risks very carefully to make an informed decision before taking the decision to invest or not.

7.1      No Warranty

Due to the nature of the investments and loans, there can be no guarantee that you will recover not only the interest, but also your initial investment.

7.2     Understanding and Decision

The projects presented by EuroRaiser present risks of all kinds (legal, technical, financial, operational, climatic, etc.). As a prospective Investor or Lender, you must ensure that you fully understand the Project, its benefits and risks.

Your decision making must be independent of any consideration other than the risk associated with this investment and the long-term immobility of the funds you are going to invest.

You must measure whether this investment transaction is consistent with your situation with respect to the objectives you have set for yourself, your financial resources, and other parameters relevant to the measure (immobility, other priority investment, tax deadlines, structure of your portfolio, etc.).

7.3     Commitment and signature

Even if, rightly, you dilute the total risk in multiple investments, it is imperative not to rush into making a decision and never sign a contractual document committing you without having read and fully understood the terms explicit in this contract.

7.4     Advice on investment risks

First, there is a real risk of losing much or all of the money you have invested. It’s the loss of capital. To reduce the side effects of such a loss, we give you two tips:

  • the first: invest only the money you can lose
  • the second: invest small sums on several Projects.

Second, it is important to know that securities are difficult to sell or exchange before a certain maturity date. Your capital is therefore blocked for the Company Project in which you have invested. This problem is called lack of liquidity. In the case of real estate, maturities range from 18 to 36 months. Although shorter than investments in technology start-ups, for example, your capital is tied up for an incompressible period. So we give:

  • The third tip: Don’t invest if you need your funds quickly.

Finally,’ Actions ‘securities in unlisted companies rarely provide dividends. It’s the scarcity of dividends. Indeed, the decision to reinvest profits is very often taken and dividends are not redistributed to shareholders. So you have to rely on the resale of the securities after a certain time to recover your investment and perhaps even more.

However, there may also be an additional risk: dilution of your shares. The company can issue new shares by raising additional capital and thus dilute your shares by reducing your percentage share in the capital.

  • The fourth tip: Avoid investing in ’ Share ‘ if you are looking to get recurring results, because income can change randomly or in the worst case be zero.

8     Access conditions

8.1      Capacities

The creation of an Account or becoming a Member is subject to registration on the Site and is exclusively reserved for persons of full age and not subject to guardianship, trusteeship or judicial protection and to enjoy full legal capacity under the law applicable to them.

If he is a legal person, the Visitor wishing to become a Member must be duly constituted under the law applicable to him, and must have the capacity to carry out his activities and to validly subscribe to the obligations contained in these T&C, the T&C of the payment provider and that of the electronic signature provider UniverSign.

8.2     Registration process

The registration process satisfies the progressive access as defined by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

When registering online, the Member undertakes to complete the registration form truthfully and by providing accurate, complete and updated information.

Its registration as a Member is subject to the communication of a certain number of compulsory data. They can be modified at any time by the investor in accordance with the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms.

To create an account. The Visitor must enter the following information:

  • His email address
  • A password
  • His civility as well as his surname and given names
  • Address including postal code and country of residence

He must then take note of the general risks inherent in the proposed investments (capital loss, illiquidity, etc.) and expressly accept them. For this purpose, EuroRaiser records the explicit acceptance of risks related to capital investment and risks related to investment in bonds.

If the process is not completed, the Visitor will not acquire Member status. As previously indicated, a Visitor may wish to become a Lender by completing only the first part of the form; if he wishes to come as an Investor, he must provide additional information that will allow him to provide an advisory service.

The Member wishing to become a Lender or Investor must open an electronic wallet at Lemon Way. This creation can be done from the Site.

In order to comply with the regulations in force regarding the Fight Against Money Laundering (LAB) and the fight against the Financing of Terrorism (FT) it will have to provide the necessary elements to the LemonWay KYC process, i.e.:

  • A copy of both sides of your valid identity document or a copy of your passport in PDF or JPG format.
  • Proof of address in your name, less than 3 months old
  • An IBAN that uniquely identifies the account that will be used to withdraw funds from the electronic wallet.

For the other cases (legal entity, non-holder of the rental contract, or non-holder of the contract of EDF, water, etc.), additional documents will be requested from you.

8.3   Account Usage

The status of Member gives access to a certain amount of information on the projects, but does not make it possible to visualize the documents relating to the Projects to come, in collection, in progress or left. User space is reduced to a bare minimum without access to payment account information or portfolio information. Access to the Investor level, which requires visual validation of the documents sent, will take place within 2 working days. An Investor has access to all information published on the Projects.

Any Member or Investor may only have one Investor account in its name. Consequently, the Member or Investor expressly undertakes not to create or use on the Site accounts other than those initially created and assigned, whether under his own identity or that of a third party.

8.4  Access to the account by a third party

In the event that a Member has knowledge that a third party has accessed his account, the Member undertakes to immediately inform EuroRaiser by e-mail (contact@EuroRaiser.com), and must confirm the incident by registered letter addressed to EuroRaiser headquarters.

8.5     Termination

These T&C apply:

  • For the Internet user, from his connection to the site until the end of his navigation on the site, his disconnection
  • for the Member: from the creation of his account until its closure, for any reason whatsoever.

The Member declares that he strictly complies with all legal, regulatory and administrative provisions applicable to him, the violation of which could affect his ability to commit himself within the framework of the Site Services.

The Internet User may not publish content on which he does not have the necessary rights for its reproduction, representation and communication to the public.

The fact of creating or using new accounts under its own identity or that of one or more third parties without having obtained prior written authorisation from the operator of the EuroRaiser Site may lead to the immediate suspension without notice of the Member’s account(s) linked to the same identity of the natural or legal person, as well as the cancellation of transactions committed on all the incriminated Investor accounts.

EuroRaiser retains the right:

  • remove immediately and without notice any content that, in its sole discretion and without justification, violates the terms of these TOU or applicable laws and regulations,
  • suspend and block immediately and without notice the account of a Member or Investor who has published prohibited content contrary to the laws and regulations in force,
  • to remove immediately and without notice any content that is the subject of a complaint by a third party who believes that his rights have been infringed,
  • to cancel any offer of service made to a Member in the event of non-compliance with the T&C and the laws and regulations in force.

9     Limitation of Liability

9.1      Non-compliance with the T&C

EuroRaiser shall under no circumstances be held liable for any damage to the Visitor or the Member resulting from non-compliance with the T&C, whether in whole or in part.

9.2     Advice, Intermediation and responsibility of EuroRaiser

EuroRaiser’s Services are set out in Article 6 hereof. By virtue of its role as advisor and intermediary, EuroRaiser will not be held liable to the Internet user, for any status whatsoever, for any loss or damage he may suffer.

9.3     Accessibility of the site

The Internet User acknowledges that EuroRaiser has no control over the transfer of data via public communication networks, such as the Internet, and over the operation of these networks. The Internet User acknowledges and accepts that EuroRaiser cannot guarantee the confidentiality of data when it is transferred over public networks.

Consequently, EuroRaiser shall not be held liable for data misappropriation, data capture, data corruption or any other event likely to affect data occurring during their transfer on public telecommunications networks.

EuroRaiser does not guarantee the compatibility of the Site with all browsers on the market or the previous or subsequent accounting of any browser.

EuroRaiser may not be held liable for damages resulting from difficulties in accessing the Site due to disruption of network operators or Internet access providers, network congestion or damage resulting from a failure in the Internet user’s computer installations and equipment and/or improper use or handling, fault or negligence on the part of the Internet user.

In no event shall EuroRaiser be held liable for any degradation, suspension or interruption of the Services attributable to Force Majeure, the actions of a Visitor, a Member or any third party, as well as any contingencies that may arise from the technology and implementation of the Services.

9.4     Information on site

EuroRaiser cannot be held responsible for the interpretation of the information contained in any advertising published or issued by the Site nor for the confidence that the Internet User places in their completeness, accuracy or existence.

The Internet User and the Member acknowledge the volatile nature of the information published on the Site. Consequently, the information and services offered on the site may be modified or deleted, temporarily or permanently, in a Project or Services offered on the site, without specific information in this regard.

9.5     Information from the Member

EuroRaiser reminds Members that they are responsible for the precise information concerning their Investors’ accounts; the Site cannot be held liable because of the illicit nature of activities or information stored or if, as soon as EuroRaiser became aware of it, the Site acted accordingly to withdraw this data or make access impossible.

EuroRaiser cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of the Member’s inability to keep his password or investor account information secure and confidential.

9.6     Information from Companies

EuroRaiser cannot be held responsible for the authenticity of the content, information and documents submitted by the Companies on the Site. Consequently, it is not responsible for the presentation of the project, the progress of the project, delays or cancellations of Projects by the Companies, its implementation or not, once the project has been financed, the award or not of any compensation proposed by the Company’s contractor. Finally, EuroRaiser is not responsible for any action or false communication by the Companies on or off the Site.

9.7     Best-effort Obligation

No advice or information, oral or written, obtained by the user in the context of the use of the site are likely to create guarantees not expressly provided for by these T&C.

Websites, blogs, forums and articles that are published on EuroRaiser or to which links are created do not constitute legal, accounting, commercial, tax or financial advice, which implies the analysis of a particular case by a professional.

As stated above, EuroRaiser cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the interpretation or use of the information to which the Site gives access.

All information and data contained on the Site may contain technical and typographical errors.

The Internet User expressly and consciously acknowledges that EuroRaiser would not have concluded the present contract represented by the present T&C without the limitations of liability and guarantee established in the same T&C.

9.8     Project Selection and Conclusion of Operations

EuroRaiser cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for its refusal to select a Project. Members expressly agree that EuroRaiser may reject certain offers of participatory financing without the EuroRaiser Selection Committee having to justify its arbitration.

EuroRaiser cannot under any circumstances be held liable for a lack of power or capacity with regard to the conclusion of a fundraising transaction or a loan offer or a financing transaction on the Site.

The pre-selection procedure for Companies only guarantees the Member their legal existence and their registration. The other criteria selected by EuroRaiser for pre-selection, although they may relate to certain legal or financial aspects, are not based on any codified or regulated methodology in the context of its activity. In particular, even when using the services of professional experts, EuroRaiser cannot assume the responsibility of an auditor, a chartered accountant or a regulated legal profession.

Thus, EuroRaiser cannot guarantee in any way the redemption of the Notes, the success of the equity financing offer or the ability of the funded Company to honour its commitments.

The Investor or Lender decides, under its own responsibility, to invest or lend or not within the framework of the Companies presented on the EuroRaiser Platform. It is up to him to analyze the quality of the Project, its chances of positive exit and the amount of the investment which it must carry out in this framework. EuroRaiser assumes no liability for any damage suffered by the Investor as a result of the risks associated with the Project financed.

EuroRaiser cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the behaviour of third parties, in particular for contractual or criminal breaches committed by the Companies or by the Payment Service Provider.

Consequently, EuroRaiser cannot be held liable for the criminal use of the sums collected, in compliance with the rules applicable to their relationship with the Investor or Lender in connection with the collection or after the closure of the collection.

9.9     Tax risk

The Member shall be solely responsible for reviewing the tax rules applicable to the subscription, financing and any income to be received from the holding or sale of its securities. EuroRaiser gives no guarantee as to the eligibility of companies for a tax exemption scheme.

10  Links, Tags and Cookies

10.1    Cookies

Cookies are small text files that act as an identification card for each device. They are widely used to make websites work. A cookie allows a site to recognize you, help you navigate from page to page on a website, provide secure connections and remember your preferences on your next visits. Thus, the Euroraiser.com Site uses cookies in order to recognise the Internet User when he/she connects to the Site in order to provide improved and sometimes more personalised functionalities, as well as to improve the offer and navigability.

These cookies do not contain any information of a private nature, or that can identify the Internet user. They simply enable EuroRaiser to constantly improve the Service offered on the Site in access to content, to recognise the Visitor when he connects to the Site, to facilitate the management of the Site, and they can be used for statistical purposes (pages consulted, date and time of consultations, etc.).

The Internet User acknowledges being informed that he can oppose the installation of cookies by following the procedure indicated on his browser. Nevertheless, in this case, the Visitor acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Site may be altered or even impossible.

10.2   Tags

Known as’ pixels invisibles ”,” clear gifs ‘or’ Web beacons ‘action tags are small image files that EuroRaiser uses to count the number of visitors on a page. These tags can also be used with some of our business partners (third-party digital advertising agencies), in order to measure and improve the effectiveness of certain advertisements.

They carry information about a browser with an identified cookie that has accessed a page or part of a page on the Site, depending on where the action tag is located.

These action tags are effective in measuring the penetration of our digital advertising campaigns and making the Site more relevant to visitors by seeing which pages have been visited in the past.

The combination of cookies and action tags also allow agencies to select and subsequently broadcast on your browser the advertising banners that are most likely to be of interest to the Internet user.

To find information on the Internet user’s rights relating to the control of cookies and targeted advertising, the Internet User may consult the following third party information sites:

10.3   Links

10.3.1    Incoming links

These are links to the EuroRaiser Site. All links using the following techniques are strictly prohibited without EuroRaiser’s express prior permission:

  • Links known as’ inline Linking ‘that facilitate the inclusion in the original Web page of an image from another Web page are strictly prohibited.
  • Links using the’ Framing ‘technique aimed at inserting, without leaving the original site, a page from the EuroRaiser.com Site or similar that is displayed in a frame on the page of the origine  site;
  • Deep links known as’ deep-linking ‘defined as the insertion of a hyperlink to a secondary page of Site;

10.3.2    Outbound links

The Site contains hyperlinks redirecting the Visitor to other websites that are not managed by EuroRaiser, in particular those relating to Companies (hereinafter “Third Party Site”).

Members must not reproduce hypertext links present on the Site and in particular those pointing to pages or documents containing Confidential Information relating to the Companies and their Projects.

10.3.3    Limitation of Liability for Hyperlinks

The operator of the EuroRaiser Site exercises no control over the Company Sites, and in this respect cannot be held responsible for the control carried out over the content, the type of protection of personal data or the practices of the Company Sites.

For the same reason of lack of control, EuroRaiser cannot be held responsible for the availability of Third Party Sites and the external resources they offer. The existence of the link on the EuroRaiser Site does not imply endorsement of the advertising, products, services or others appearing on the Company Sites.

11   Personal Information

11.1     Collection of information

EuroRaiser protects the personal data and privacy of its Members and Investors.

EuroRaiser collects personal information at the time of voluntary completion of the registration form(s) when an Internet User changes from visitor to Member and Member to Investor. The Visitor undertakes to complete the registration form by providing accurate information to EuroRaiser.

Data collected by the Site may subsequently be analysed and processed by EuroRaiser staff in order to prevent certain illegal acts (money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.).

Only persons who have clearly filled in the form containing all the information requested on the Site, who have a valid e-mail address, and who have consented to these T&C may become Members of EuroRaiser and subsequently, after validation, holder of a user space on the Site.

The Data collected during registration for a Member concerns at a minimum, the family name, the first name, a valid e-mail address (which will be used to identify when connecting to the Site), the choice of a password. The recording of this information can be supplemented by the use of cookies in accordance with the legislation in force.

The purpose of collecting personal information at the time of Member registration is to authorize access to the Services available on the Site.

EuroRaiser and, where applicable, the technical operator involved in the implementation, maintenance and optimisation of the Services on the Site aimed at improving the conditions for the provision of the Services, are the sole recipients of the personal information collected.

In addition, the Company may disclose personal data when it is necessary for the identification, questioning or prosecution of any individual likely to harm or infringe (intentionally or unintentionally) the rights or property of EuroRaiser, other Members or Investors, or any other person who may be penalized by such activities.

This data collection takes place during the following events (non-exhaustive list):

  • The Internet User browses the site and consults projects,
  • the Internet User creates an account to become a Member,
  • the Member subscribes to newsletters or alerts,
  • the Investor or lender makes a Subscription,
  • The Member votes if necessary for a Project on the site,
  • The Member places a Project in his basket,
  • the Member/Investor expresses an opinion, a comment or an opinion on an article, a project, a blog post,…

11.2    Use of personal data

The personal data collected are intended for the use of EuroRaiser. They are necessary for more than one reason:

  • the creation and management of subscription forms
  • the transmission of information to Companies and third party subcontractors in the execution of subscription processes
  • the electronic signing of contracts or bulletins where applicable.

These service providers, partners of EuroRaiser, respect the laws and regulations in force and in particular the GDPR in force since May 2018. Like EuroRaiser, they do not allow themselves to resell data to third parties.

The Member area stores and displays all the information stored by EuroRaiser, which allows, in accordance with article 34 of law nº 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, to access and modify it. For total deletions of information, the Member must send a simple letter to the registered office or an e-mail to EuroRaiser (contact@www.euroraiser.com).

12  Intellectual Properties

12.1    Introduction

The Intellectual Properties rights means all intellectual property rights as provided by the Intellectual Property Code and national conventions and, in particular, copyright, related rights of performers and producers of phonographic and video graphics, trademark law, patents, trade names (including Internet domain names and e-mail address names), copyrights, moral rights, rights on all models, rights on all databases, know-how, registered or not or which may be registered or not and existing in any part of the world. The trademarks, logos and logos of EuroRaiser and its partners appearing on the site are registered trademarks.

12.2   The site

The www.EuroRaiser.com Site is the exclusive property of EuroRaiser SAS or third parties who have granted it a licence. Internet Users, Visitors and Members benefit from a free, non-exclusive and non-transferable personal right to access and use the Site, granted by EuroRaiser.

Any other rights are expressly excluded without the prior written consent of EuroRaiser.

Whatever the purpose, all or part of the elements that make up the Site, the specific programs and developments and contents including data, text, still or animated images, logos, sounds, graphics, files may not under any circumstances be transferred, sold, copied, stored, downloaded, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, granted under licence or exploited in any other way without express, written, prior authorisation from EuroRaiser.

13  Complaints

13.1    Sending the claim

In accordance with the regulations in force, EuroRaiser SAS in its capacity as an Equity Financing Intermediary and Equity Investment Advisor maintains an operational process linked to claims management. The process includes a claims handling service from Companies or Members or Investors.

A complaint must be made in writing to EuroRaiser through the following two channels:

  • By mail to the address of the registered office: 3 Place Giovanni di Verrazzano, Lyon 69009, France
  • By e-mail at the following address: reclamation@EuroRaiser.com

13.2   Duration

The maximum time between the receipt of the mail and the issuance of the acknowledgement of receipt of the claim will not exceed (10) ten working days.

The response to the complaint will be sent within a maximum of thirty (30) working days from receipt.

In the event of exceptional circumstances which would extend this period, the Member will be contacted by EuroRaiser to be informed of the additional period necessary for EuroRaiser to formulate the response to the aforementioned complaint.

13.3   Appeals

Members not satisfied with the response to the complaint may appeal to the AMF Ombudsman by completing a form on the AMF website: www.amf-france.org

You can also contact the mediator

  • by telephone: (+33) or
  • by mail:
    • Autorité des marchés financiers
    • Mediation
    • 17 Place de la Bourse
    • 75082 Paris Cedex 02

14  Applicable law

These T&C are subject to French law and fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts. In case of doubts or conflicts, the French version of the T&C is the only valid reference; the English version is a result of an automatic translation and cannot be used as a legal basis.

15 Legal Notice

15.1 EuroRaiser

Simplified Shareholding Company

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Registration: 833 918 949 RCS de Lyon

Intra-Community VAT number: FR80833918949

Registered office: 3, Place de Giovanni di Verrazzano, 69009, LYON – France

APE code: 7022 Z

Director of publication: Christophe Caquineau (Contact@www.euroraiser.com)

15.2 Accommodation

The Website is hosted by Particeep (www.Particeep.com)

SAS with a capital of €28,020

Registration: RCS NANTERRE 790 884 084 084

APE code: 7022 Z

VAT N°.: FR6079080884084


Director of publication: Steve Fogues

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