Full Transparency and Simplicity: These are the basis of the EuroRaiser culture.

What are the interest rates for the amortising loans on EuroRaiser ?

First, you should know that in the case of amortising loans only physical persons can lend money. The maximum amount a physical person can invest is €2000 per project in accordance with the French legislation. The interest rates scale from 4% to 9% (gross): It means that every month, the lender earns the interests equal to the twelfth of the gross interest rate multiplied by the remaining due capital. For the French fiscal resident, these are gross interests as the earned amount of interests is subject to taxes. The social contribution (CSG and CRDS) and a revenue tax (IR) are taxes that EuroRaiser must collect on behalf of the French fiscal authority. In 2018, this tax is calculated on 30% of the gross interests. If the lender or investor has an out-of-France fiscal resident, he will receive the full amount of interest with no fiscal tax deduction.

In the case of amortising loans, the real estate project owner starts to reimburse capital at the first repayment term. The repayment schedule can be monthly, quarterly, yearly or all in the end called ‘infine’.

What are the fees for the lenders ?

For the lenders : everything is free.  No fee is invoiced to the investors on Euroraiser.  No entry, exit, or management fees.

There is one exception: Transaction fee will be invoiced in the case where you credit your wallet and widthdraw all the money on it without investing on EuroRaiser. In this case and only in this case, 1% of the total amount of your wallet will be charged.

What are the fees for the project owners?


EuroRaiser offers a simple and transparent pricing model.

EuroRaiser invoices the project leader for a one-off service for putting the investment project online and presenting it on its platform, as well as for technical and administrative follow-up after the collection is completed.EuroRaiser invoices project leaders between 4% and 7% excluding VAT of the amounts collected for amortizable loans. EuroRaiser invoices issuers between 7% and 10% of the amounts collected for bonds and equity investments.

What are the returns for Investors?

The repayment of the face value of the bonds is made at the end (in fine). Rates vary in the range of 7% to 12% depending on the real estate project and the inherent risk of the business to be financed.

By subscribing shares on the EuroRaiser website, you become a shareholder in an intermediary company. This intermediary company or investment vehicle reinvests the capital and sometimes current accounts of the target company. Investors, shareholders of the company, may receive dividends and realize capital gains on the sale of their securities and their current account, if any. These capital gains are very variable in the general case but be aware that they can become negative (capital loss).

What are the fees for Investors?

For Bond Investors: Everything is free! No management fees, no commission.

For Investors in shares: 5% of the amount collected for the operation of the company (before investment in the underlying company) and 20% on capital gains (excluding capital) on the success of the real estate operation.

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