In accordance with the current regulaton, EuroRaiser SAS  as a regulated actor on the financial market (intermediary and investment advisor) has a living claim management process. A claimant can be a project owner or a physical person or legal person as a Member of EuroRaiser.

Claim Statement

A claim must be sent to EuroRaiser in writing thru two channels :

  • By classical mail at the legal address : 3 Place Giovanni di Verrazzano, Lyon 69009, France
  • By e-mail to : reclamation@EuroRaiser.com

Claim process duration

The maximum duration between the actual mail receipt and acknowledgement of receipt will not exceed 10 working days.

The response to the claim will be provided within a maximum of 30 working days after the claim receipt date.In the case of  force majeure or exceptional circumstances that would extend this duration, the claimant will be contacted by EuroRaiser. The claimant will be notified about the additional delay necessary to EuroRaiser to provide a response to the claim.

Appeal process

The claimant who will be not satisfied with the above mentioned claim response can address his claim to the ‘Médiateur de l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers’ by filling up a form on the AMF site: www.amf-france.org

You can also contact the mediator :

  • by mail at the following address : Autorité des marchés financiers, La médiation – 17, place de  la Bourse – 75082 Paris Cedex 02
  • By phone : (+33)
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