On 16 October 2018, EuroRaiser was appointed as a Crowdfunding Advisor (CIP in French) regulated by the AMF. EuroRaiser was already a  Crowdlending  platform regulated by the ACPR as a  Intermediary (called IFP in french).

What does it bring ? 

New financial tools at your disposal: The CIP mandate authorizes us to propose projects financed by subscriptions in fixed-rate bonds or equities..

Legal Persons can invest: Legal persons are allowed to invest in projects whose financing falls under the CIP mandate. They are not allowed to lend to finance amortizable loans falling within IFP’s mandate. 

Higher ceilings: The investment ceiling was raised to €8 million in July 2018. Loan financing remains limited to €1 million.

Different tickets : The entry ticket for the amortizing loan will be kept at €50 and the ceiling remains limited by law to €2000. For bonds and shares, however, entry tickets will be more important to ensure that the number of bondholders or shareholders remains manageable (shareholder meeting, asset management). The maximum ticket is no longer limited and the ceiling per investor remains at the discretion of EuroRaiser.