SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) has now been implemented in all eurozone countries and non-eurozone SEPA countries. In these countries all Euro-denominated payments must be collected via the SEPA payment scheme. The SDD once initiated and validated on your bank side, allow regular investors to transfer money from their bank account to their wallet. Here is the explanation on how to set up the SDD :

You have to fill in the fields IBAN and BIC.

The process carries on with showing the SDD as indicated on the next image (blurred part). By cliking on the line, you can sign your SDD with your mouse and the transfert order will be automatically sent to your bank. It is an one-off  transfer and will be presented to your bank once and only once.

when you need additional funds on your wallet, you can click onto the circle on the left side of the line and a text box will appear in which you will be able to set the SDD amount that you wish to transfer. This transferring process may take as many as two working days to its completion.

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