Once you wallet has been validated, you can transfer money by bank wire transfer. A new page appears and it shows you the LemonWay bank account information at BNP Paribas. This is a global account onto which you must deposit your funds in order to invest or lend on the EuroRaiser platform.

When you enter informaton for your bank, you must pay attention to give your  unique reference of your wallet in the bank wire transfer label (information give to the recipient) . This unique reference is made of two words separated by a dash ‘-‘.  The format of this keyword is EURORAISER-XXXXXXXXXXXXX in which the string made of « X » is your personal identifier. (This code is blurred on purpose on the image). This unique reference is created to be able to uniquely identify yourself when receving the funds from your bank on the book of  Lemonway bank. You can copy paste the information below.

  • Bank : BNP Paribas
  • IBAN : FR76 3000 4025 1100 0111 8625 268
  • Bank code : 30004
  • key : 68
  • Account number: 00011186252
  • Bank Identification Code: 02511
  • Account Owner: LemonWay
  • Address: 14, rue de la Beaune, Montreuil-sous-bois, 93100 – FRANCE


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