On a site that deals with investments and loans on a business support as vast as real estate, we had to offer our community a platform that communicates and informs better. We have therefore improved the look and feel of the site and added the functionality of posting news and articles, leaving the user the possibility to choose the language. We have therefore changed the structure of the site by keeping the transactional part and adding a more modern institutional part focused on general communication. Both parts are accessible from the website https://www.euroraiser.com.

On the institutional site (bilingual):

  • We have explanatory sections on investments, selection procedures, risks, leverage for promoters which is reflected in the rates proposed by Crowdfunding.
  • Access to the 2 financing platforms: by loan or by investment that redirects you to the transactional site in the right marketing channel.
  • You will find our articles based on a wide variety of topics. You will be able to consult news on current construction sites, new fundraises to come, and a preview of the projects.
  • We will also cover more general topics on renovation, real estate, crowdfunding and new offers or tax changes brought about by regulatory changes.
  • We will also comment on current events in the broadest sense of the term.
  • This site also includes all the sections that the regulations impose on us.

On the transactional site (bilingual):

  • Internet users register and become investors.


  • The active fundraises containing confidential information are presented in both versions imposed by the AMF.
  • All information related to your portfolio, your transactions, as well as your documents (certificates, advice) securely reside in your personal space.

The pages of the transactional site reside in a secure sub-domain “https://secure.euroraiser.com”. The institutional site resides in the main domain with the URL header “https://www.euroraiser.com”.