Real Estate CrowdFunding

Invest differently in real estate from €50

The concept is not new, wealthy investors have been financing real estate operators for decades. What is new is that a platform like EuroRaiser allows you to invest in these same operations in addition to banks. EuroRaiser is not intended to replace banks but to help real estate operators optimise their capital management and minimise their risks by increasing the number of transactions. This is called leverage and allows high interest rates to be offered to investors.


Investors lend or invest money in real estate transactions in exchange for a substantial return over a period of 12 to 36 months.


EuroRaiser, the real estate CrowdFunding platform connects real estate promoters and investors.

Real Estate Operators

The promoter, property merchant or real estate operators seek to finance or refinance its own capital required by the bank that will fund the rest of the operation.

Investors ! EuroRaiser offers you to finance real estate projects via the loan platform or investment platform.
The choice of platform is linked to your criteria and your expectations regarding your investments. The loan platform (IFP) allows to finance smaller amounts of collection with a regular repayment and an entry ticket around 50€ while the investment platform (CIP) allows to finance larger amounts of collection with often an in fine repayment and an entry ticket around 1000€. However, please note that a project cannot be presented on both platforms at the same time and that it is the characteristics of the project and the expectations of the project leader that determine on which platform it will finally be presented.  

Find below the projects that have been audited, validated by the selection committee.

Find here the projects that have been audited, validated by the selection committee and financed by the Euroraiser’s investors.

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