An innovative financing lever, particularly adapted to the needs of real estate operators.

A competitive and complementary solution to bank financing.

Today banks finance real estate operators up to 80% or 90% depending on the type of operation. Generally, the real estate operators, once the total resale carried out manage to generate an operating margin of the order of 10% to 20%.

This margin is to be compared to the initial investment, ie the equity which means that when everything goes well the operator doubles his stake.

The Real Estate Crowdfunding allows the operator to multiply the margin generated by using the funds lent by the investors at the same level as his own funds. It pursues 3 objectives:

It immobilizes de facto less own funds and can therefore position itself on other operations that would arise. It can put in place a real strategy of rotation of its own funds.
It reduces its exposure to risk by focusing on several transactions rather than just one.
It increases, as we will see later, its return on own funds.
The Real Estate Crowdfunding allows operators and Merchant to borrow from private investors 80% of the capital required by the bank. Admittedly, the margin falls to support these additional costs but it allows to divide the down payment by 5 and thus optimize the return on investment: as an example X2 without crowdfunding, X4.7 with crowdfunding. Not to mention that the funds that the operator did not have to stop thanks to crowdfunding will be used to initiate other projects, something he could not have done otherwise.

The enthusiasm of investors for projects funded by the Real Estate Crowdfunding has been growing steadily for several years. Crowdfunding therefore creates a dynamic and a new dialogue between Investor and Real Estate Operator in a win / win approach for both parties.

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