Are you looking for an investment in real estate to invest your savings and make them grow? A real estate investment generally consists in buying a property to rent or to make it a primary or secondary residence. There is also an alternative real estate investment, which allows you to invest with several people in a real estate program, this is called real estate crowdfunding.

Investment in real estate is more profitable than traditional investments offered by banks, such as the Livret A passbook savings account, which currently yields 0.75% per year, or even compared to life insurance in euro funds.

Each person has different reasons and objectives that will define their real estate investment. In addition, each real estate investment has its own advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is to know what your expectations are with regard to your investment.

The different types of real estate investment

Real estate to buy a main residence: investing in stone is the preferred investment of the French. However, certain conditions must be met before you can invest in a principal residence. You must be able to make a significant personal contribution and take out a loan from a bank for a long period of time. Once your loan has been repaid, the property will belong to you completely.

Rental real estate investment: Rental investment consists in buying a real estate property and then renting it and receiving the tenant’s monthly rent. You can invest in old or new real estate, and it is possible to rent bare, furnished, year-round or seasonal rental. As in the first case, the procedures for acquiring a property are the same.

Collaborative real estate investment k.a crowdfunding: crowdfunding is a rather recent method of raising funds. Its difference with previous types of investments is that it brings together several investors to allow a company to finance a real estate project. If you wish to invest in real estate without going through your bank, the participative investment solution will allow you to invest in several people in a major real estate project.

Why invest thru crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding or crowdlending has many advantages over a traditional real estate investment. For a minimal stake, real estate crowdfunding promises a return of between 6 and 12% on average. Real estate crowdfunding therefore makes it possible to invest in real estate in the short term, while benefiting from an attractive profitability, without investing a significant amount.

The investment period, which can vary between 12 and 36 months, does not require a prolonged blocking of the invested amounts, so it is the ideal investment for small investors. In addition, real estate crowdfunding also allows investors to participate directly in financing the real economy, for example through real estate projects with high potential.

A simple, profitable and accessible investment, crowdfunding real estate is a short-term investment that attracts more and more investors. Our real estate crowdfunding platform is managed by real estate experts and can therefore carefully select viable real estate projects with high potential. However, investments always represent risks; technical, meteorological, operational risks that can impact the duration of the investment; Therefore, there is a risk of delay and even partial or total loss of your investment. By investing in one of the programs presented by EuroRaiser, you will make an intelligent, expert and highly profitable investment.

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