The Selection Committee brings together personalities with varied experience but complementary real estate, architecture, finance and consulting. In other words, EuroRaiser speaks the same language as you. First and foremost, we are real estate professionals who will operate both as a Promotion and as a Property Merchant and a Landlord. We have developed accounting, legal and financial skills through our partners in order to offer you the most appropriate solution for your needs. Our objective is to offer you either a Classic Loan or a Bond Loan or an equity investment in Futures Shares depending on the type and amount of the operation to be financed. This approach is not proposed by any crowdfunding platform to date because it requires to know and understand totally different business within the real estate business.


Before even considering the project, the EuroRaiser team must validate a certain number of prerequisites:

The operator must have had a minimum of 2 fiscal closures except in the case of a  promoter with strong operational and project experience.
The “real or on duty” manager of the operator must not have been sanctioned with business management. Thus, natural persons must not be subject to a disability mentioned in Article L. 500-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code, which prohibits a person from performing management duties in the event of conviction for a crime or for certain offenses.
The promoter must show that he has not had a defective promotion over the last 3 years,
An acceptance of the lending bank to consider as “own funds” the “quasi” own funds from the “Participative”.
The operator must have a good reputation left to the appreciation of EuroRaiser’s partners possibly helped by their network.

The Folder

The documents to be provided differ according to the real estate operation to be financed, so do not hesitate to contact our team and to explain your project. We are listening to you and our community is at the service of your development.
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